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These forms guide you through the process of making and responding to civil claims, or applying for a restraining order against someone in the District Court.

Use these forms to make or respond to a civil claim in the District Court. However, if the claim is in defamation, is a proceeding in admiralty, or is an action to enforce an arbitral award, then you should make the claim using the statement of claim and notice of proceeding forms. Please email for word template versions of these forms and for further information.

If you need help with filling in the forms or want to know more about the claims process, you can also talk to your lawyer, a community law centre, legal aid or a citizens advice bureau.


Forms 2 to 6CCA can be filled in on your computer. The changes can also be saved.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.

For a non-PDF version of a form, please email

Filing process

Amended rules apply to all steps in notice of claim proceedings taken after 14 June 2012.

For example: if the notice of claim is served prior to 14 June 2012, the old time limits apply to respond to the notice of claim, but if the information capsule is served after 14 June, then the new time limits apply for responding to that capsule.

Click here to familiarise yourself with important changes from the amendments.

Use the process links below to navigate through to the correct forms.

 Forms Post-14 June 2012 Amendments to District Courts Rules 2009