Welcome to the Coronial Services website

Has someone you know died and the death been referred to the Coroner?

A coroner speaks for the dead to protect the living

The role of the Coroner is to establish when, where, how and why the death happened, and also to work out whether anything can be done differently that might prevent similar deaths in the future. If so, they make recommendations.

Coroners have wide powers to examine the evidence gathered on each death when a doctor does not or cannot certify the cause of death.

This site will help you understand how the coronial process works and what you can expect to happen. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this website is accurate and helpful, however each death is different and the circumstances of each death will determine what direction the coronial process takes.   

Most deaths in New Zealand are certified by a doctor, because the doctor was treating a person for an illness, and the doctor is satisfied the death was a result of the illness. If this is the case then a Coroner will not need to become involved.

The site is also for the media, and people from other agencies and organisations.