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National Panui and schedule of applications to be notified

Month of Court Sitting National Panui OCR Applications

May 2014

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April 2014


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March 2014 

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 February 2014

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 January 2014

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Te Pānui a Motu – the National Pānui

The Māori Land Court National Pānui is a schedule of all upcoming applications that have been received by the Court or have been heard by the Court without notice in the past month or applications that will be heard by the Court in the coming month.

The National Pānui is free to the public, delivered to subscribers across Aotearoa. You can subscribe to the National Pānui at any Māori Land Court district office, or email your name and postal address to us.

You can subscribe to the Pānui by contacting us at any office or by email to

Click here to view past editions of the National pānui


Applications in the Office of the Chief Registrar (OCR)

All applications that are held in the office of the Chief Registrar (OCR) in Wellington, which have yet to be determined or set down for inquiry or report, are required to be notified in every Pānui under rules 5.3 and 8.2(3) of the Māori Land Court Rules 2011.


Quarterly schedule of outstanding applications over 6 months old

On a quarterly basis, the Māori Land Court is required to produce a schedule of all applications that have not been finally determined by the Court that are older than 6 months old. These applications are required to be notified on the website under rule 5.11(2)(b) of the Māori Land Court Rules 2011.

The current quarterly list of outstanding applications as at 30 November 2013 can be found here


To view editions of the National Pānui and Schedules of Applications to be notified, you will need Adobe Acrobat Viewer.