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About the justice sector

The Ministry of Justice is the lead agency in the justice sector, which includes the New Zealand Police, the Department of Corrections, the Crown Law Office, the Serious Fraud Office and Child Youth and Family (part of the Ministry of Social Development). The sector collaborates to reduce crime and enhance public safety; and to provide access to justice by delivering modern, effective and affordable services.

The justice sector has seen success over the past few years. In 2011, the recorded crime rate reached a 30-year low. As criminal justice makes up about 80% of justice sector spending, falling crime, fewer people entering the system, and fewer people in prison means the sector can switch focus from dealing with volume to improving performance. New technology provides the opportunity to improve service delivery and modernise our operating models.

The criminal justice pipeline

Criminal justice pipelineWorking as a sector recognises that there is a "pipeline" across the criminal justice system. It extends from the investigation of crime to arrest and prosecutions, through to courts, sentencing, and sentencing management and rehabilitation. It means policies and approaches in one part of the system can have significant effects on others.

The Justice Sector Leadership Board

Working as a sector requires a different leadership approach. In 2011, a Sector Leadership Board - comprising of the chief executives of Police, Justice and Corrections - was established.

The Board, with the Secretary for Justice as its chair, is responsible for driving performance across the justice system, coordinating the major change programmes underway and collectively planning to modernise the sector, reduce costs, improve services, and further enhance public safety.

The Board is supported by a Sector Group within the Ministry of Justice.

The Justice Sector Fund

Established in May 2012, the Justice Sector Fund is a funding pool that allows savings to be transferred between justice sector agencies and across years.

The fund provides flexibility for savings to be redirected into the wider justice sector’s highest priorities, rather than being restricted to reinvestment in the same Vote.

Read the Minister of Justice's press release: Justice Sector Funding Pool for Better Results (Beehive website).

The Leading Justice Symposium

The Leading Justice Symposium was held on 29 April 2014 at Parliament’s Grand Hall in Wellington.

The Symposium brought together national and international experts, including justice sector ministers, judiciary, specialist academics, government policy advisors and front-line professionals. Attendees shared valuable insights on justice issues and how to address the changing nature of crime. The Symposium highlighted the importance of collaboration across and beyond the justice sector as a key to reducing crime and better supporting victims.

You can read a summary of the proceedings of the Leading Justice Symposium (PDF, 569KB) by clicking the link.