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Better Public Services Results

45,000 fewer crimes each year

7500 fewer violent crimes each year

1800 fewer court appearances by 14-16 year olds

4600 fewer re-offenders returning

View the Reducing Crime and Reoffending results on the State Services Commission website.

Results will be updated every six months.


Better Public Services: Reducing Crime

15% decrease arrow

The government has set ambitious Better Public Services targets for the justice sector: to reduce overall crime by 15%, violent crime by 20%, youth crime by 25%, and re-offending by 25% by June 2017.

The justice sector has had a successful few years, with the recorded crime rate at the lowest point since 1978. Reducing the crime rate further is a challenge, but one we’re well-placed to achieve.

See Achieving our targets to find out about our action plans to reduce opportunities for crime, target vulnerable youth and youth offenders, reduce alcohol and drug abuse, and reduce re-offending.

See Progress updates for the latest results against our targets.

Read about Previous trends in the justice system for an overview of the patterns in crime, violent crime, youth crime and re-offending in New Zealand prior to 2012.

See Measuring results for detail on how our results will be reported and recorded and links to crime data.