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Better Public Services Results

45,000 fewer crimes each year

7500 fewer violent crimes each year

1800 fewer court appearances by 14-16 year olds

4600 fewer re-offenders returning

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Results will be updated every six months.


Progress updates

For charts showing updated results, please view the Reducing Crime and Re-offending page on the State Services Commission website.

You can also download the latest progress results in an Excel spreadsheet (BPS Summary dataset YE September 2013.xls 24KB).

Progress updates

Result 7: Reduce the recorded crime rate by 15 percent, the violent crime rate by 20 percent and the youth crime rate by 25 percent

Progress update for the year to September 2013

The recorded crime rate in the year to June 2011 was already the lowest in 30 years. In the year to September 2013, all measures are on track to meet the targets. Compared to the base period of June 2011:

  • the recorded crime rate fell 13 percent
  • the violent crime rate fell 9 percent
  • the youth crime rate fell 22 percent.

There were 51,553 fewer crimes, 3,560 fewer violent crimes, and 1,524 fewer court appearances by 14 to 16 year olds than during the year ended June 2011.

Trends are consistent with those observed in similar countries. Important contributors are likely to include increased emphasis on prevention, positive or neutral demographic trends, and improved drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Result 8: Reduce the re-offending rate by 25 percent

Progress update for the year to September 2013

Overall, the re-offending rate has fallen 11.4 percent since June 2011 and is on track to meet the target.

Among others, contributors to this widespread decline include the Policing Excellence programme, with its emphasis on alternative resolutions, and the Department of Corrections’ investment in enhancing rehabilitation services across the offender population.

The full impact of the roll-out of rehabilitation measures on re-offending is anticipated to become evident in the next two years.