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Examples of drivers of crime results so far include:


Drivers of crime priority areas

Work under Addressing the Drivers of Crime is separated into four priority areas. The focus of each priority is on providing better and co-ordinated services to people who need the most support.

This approach is an integral part of transforming the wider social sector to provide individuals, families and communities with what they need.  

Four priority areas:

Work to improve the quantity, quality and effectiveness of maternity and early parenting support services, particularly for those at risk.  

Severe conduct and behavioural problems in childhood are among the most important predictors of later chronic antisocial behaviour, including crime.

Alcohol-related crime imposes high costs on the criminal justice and health sectors, and on victims. When alcohol is consumed in excess, or by children and young people, it is linked to serious issues.

Supporting and diverting low-level offenders away from long-term patterns of offending can reduce crime.