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Justice system improvements

The Ministry of Justice is tasked with developing and delivering an effective justice system that is accessible and cost-effective for New Zealanders.

To achieve this, the Ministry ensures that justice sector agencies collectively plan their interventions, expenditure and services to increase their effectiveness.

Legislative changes have allowed for new tools and approaches, including a range of changes to improve the functioning and efficiency of court processes.

The Ministry is also focused on improving the way it works, its capability and systems and technology, so it can do its job more effectively and help the sector to meet current and future challenges.

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  • New Criminal Procedure: Changes implemented in 2012 and 2013 under the Criminal Procedure Act 2011
  • New Courts legislation: Improvements to the legal framework for many of New Zealand's courts, in response to the Law Commission's report Review of the Judicature Act 1908: Towards a new Courts Act
  • Disputes Tribunals improvements: Proposed changes to the Disputes Tribunals that will allow more people to use them to resolve common disagreements. Changes will also be made to increase the Tribunals’ transparency.