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Electoral Commission

Te Kaitiaki Take Kōwhiri


  • Electoral Act 1993
  • Part VI of the Broadcasting Act 1989
  • Crown Entities Act 2004


The Commission is an independent Crown entity established by the Electoral Act 1993. Its principal functions, as defined in section 5 of the Act, are:

  • To register political parties and party logos
  • To receive registered parties’ annual returns of donations
  • To receive returns of registered parties’ election expenses
  • To allocate election broadcasting time and funds to eligible political parties
  • To conduct public education about electoral matters
  • To consider and report to the Minister of Justice or to Parliament on electoral matters referred to it.


The Commission has four members – a serving or retired judge of either the District Court, the High Court or the Court of Appeal who is appointed President of the Commission, the Secretary for Justice, the Chief Judge of the Maori Land Court and one person appointed by the Governor-General who is also the Chief Executive of the Commission.

There is a small support staff (2) responsible for administration and for management of education programmes.


The following records are available for public inspection at the Commission’s offices, Level 5, Featherston House, cnr Featherston House and Waring Taylor Sts, Wellington, during normal office hours:

  • Annual returns of donations to political parties (1996–2009)
  • Membership and candidate selection rules for registered political parties
  • Printed electoral rolls for the 69 electorates
  • Register of political parties
  • Returns of electorate candidates’ election expenses (1996,1999, 2002, 2005, & 2008 elections)
  • Returns of party election expenses (1996, 1999, 2002, 2005 & 2008 elections).

The Commission’s internal files are categorised in the following series:

  • Broadcast Funding
  • Commission Proceedings
  • Communications
  • Education & Information
  • Electoral Legislation
  • Finance Policy
  • Guides
  • Legal
  • Ministerial/Parliamentary
  • Ministry of Justice
  • New Zealand Electoral Bodies
  • Office Accommodation
  • Other Bodies
  • Other State Sector Agencies
  • Overseas Electoral Bodies
  • Personnel
  • Planning
  • Provision of Services
  • Public Correspondence
  • Referenda
  • Registration
  • Registered Parties
  • Research


The Commission has the following publications and resources available:

The Electoral Agencies’ website is with a youth oriented micro-site


  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Crown and the Electoral Commission
  • Electoral Commission Statement of Intent 2009 to 2014


Office Manager
Electoral Commission
P O Box 3050
Level 5
Featherston House
Cnr Featherston and Waring Taylor Streets

Phone: (04) 474 0670
Fax: (04) 474 0674