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New Zealand Lotteries Commission (NZ Lotteries)

(NZ Lotteries)


The New Zealand Lotteries Commission (NZ Lotteries) operates as a Crown Entity under the Gambling Act 2003. It administers the Lotto Rules 2000 (as amended by the Lotto Amendment Rules 2004), the Keno Rules 1994 (as amended by the Keno Amendment Rules 2004) and the Instant Kiwi (Instant Game) Rules 1992. Big Wednesday Rules 2005.


The functions of NZ Lotteries, as defined by section 238 of the Gambling Act 2003, are:

To promote, organise and conduct New Zealand lotteries for the purpose of generating profits for distribution by the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board, or for a community purpose for which a special purpose lottery is promoted under section 245.

To maximise profits so generated, subject to ensuring that the risks of problem gambling and under-age gambling are minimised.

To make rules regulating the conduct and operation of New Zealand lotteries in accordance with section 243.

To advise the Minister on matters relating to New Zealand lotteries.

NZ Lotteries is required by the Gambling Act 2003 to submit its annual accounts to Audit New Zealand and to make an annual report to the Minister. A copy of the Commission’s annual report and accounts, together with a copy of the report of Audit New Zealand on the accounts, must be tabled in Parliament. The Commission is also required to prepare an annual Statement of Intent.


The Board of the Commission has five members. Commission members are appointed by the Minister of Internal Affairs under sections 240 and 241 of the Gambling Act 2004, for terms not exceeding three years.

The Commission members act as the board of directors for the commercial operations, which trade as NZ Lotteries. The Commission is responsible for policy setting and strategic direction. Day-to-day business operations of NZ Lotteries are the responsibility of the Chief Executive and other members of the management team.

The senior management team reporting to the Chief Executive are the Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Information Officer, General Manager Retail Sales, Head of Marketing, General Manager Interactive and Head of Communications and Government Relations.

As at 30 June 2007, the Commission employed 110 staff. Staff are based in six areas of the business, with each business area reporting to one of the executives in the senior management team.

NZ Lotteries has its corporate office in Wellington, housing corporate services, finance, and communications staff. Marketing, sales staff and information technology staff are based in Auckland.

Organisation Chart Records


NZ Lotteries corporate files have been categorised into five principal series maintained in a central records system:

Corporate Delivery


Information Technology

New Business


Files are also held on retailers who sell NZ Lotteries products and these are maintained numerically by agreement number.


Retailer Agreements

NZ Lotteries products are sold by retailers, each of whom has a commercial agreement with NZ Lotteries. As at 30 June 2007, there were 973 retail outlets.

Retailer Operations Manual

Retailers selling NZ Lotteries products are subject to policies, procedures and requirements specified in individual retailer agreements and a Retailer Operations Manual.


Pursuant to section 243 of the Gambling Act 2004, NZ Lotteries makes rules, approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs, governing the operation of any type of New Zealand lotteries. Rules in force as at 30 June 2004 govern the following lottery games:

  • Lotto (including Lotto Strike, Winning Wheel and Powerball) – the Lotto Rules 2000 and Lotto Amendment Rules 2004 and Lotto amendment Rules 2007
  • Keno – the Keno Rules 1994 and Keno Amendment Rules 2004
  • Instant Kiwi – the Instant Kiwi (Instant Game) Rules 1992.
  • Big Wednesday – the Big Wednesday Rules 2005.

Copies of these rules are available from Bennetts bookshops and are available for reading in Public Information Folders at all retail outlets selling NZ Lotteries products.

Responsible Play Code of Practice

The Responsible Play Code of Practice is a guide for responsible service delivery by our retail network. It reflects NZ Lotteries functions as outlined in the Gambling Act which includes maximising our profits, subject to ensuring the risks of problem gambling and under-age gambling are minimised.

Employment Policy Manual

The Employment Policy Manual records and describes NZ Lotteries employment policies and practices under which its staff are employed.

Recruitment Procedures Manual

The Recruitment Procedures Manual records and describes NZ Lotteries procedures used when recruiting new employees.

Health and Safety Manual

The Health and Safety Manual records describes the procedures used to ensure the ongoing health and safety of employees and visitors to NZ Lotteries premises.


Publications available to the public are as follows:

  • annual and half-yearly reports
  • statement of intent
  • draw results for Lotto, Lotto Strike, Winning Wheel, Lotto Powerball, Big Wednesday and Keno
  • how to play leaflets for Lotto, Lotto Combo, Big Wednesday and Keno
  • Winning Wheel Terms and Conditions
  • Big Wednesday Terms and Conditons
  • Game Odds
  • Instant Kiwi prize structure lists
  • Instant Kiwi game expiry lists
  • Responsible Play Code of Practice
  • Responsible Play brochure.


NZ Lotteries is focusing on revitalising its existing games to re-engage customers with brands, and will also look to introduce innovative new games in the near future. NZ Lotteries will soon complete the refurbishment of its retail network. Self-checking ticket scanners are due to be introduced into retail stores in 2008.

An interactive sales channel is being developed to complement the existing retail sales channel.


Communications Manager
New Zealand Lotteries Commission
PO Box 3145

Phone: (04) 802 7000
Fax: (04) 385 2787