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Transport, Ministry of

Te Manatū Waka


The Ministry of Transport is charged with administering the following Acts:

  • Air Facilitation Act 1993 (provisions now deemed to be part of the Immigration Act 1987 administrated by the Department of Labour)
  • Air Facilitation (Domestic Passengers and Cargo) Act 1994
  • Airport Authorities Act 1966
  • Auckland Airport Act 1987
  • Auckland Harbour Bridge Authority Dissolution Act 1983
  • Christchurch-Lyttelton Road Tunnel Authority Dissolution Act 1978
  • Civil Aviation Act 1990
  • Customs Law Act 1908
  • Land Transport Act 1998
  • Land Transport Management Act 2003
  • Maritime Security Act 2004
  • Maritime Transport Act 1994
  • Meteorological Services Act 1990
  • Ministry of Transport Act Repeal Act 1990
  • New Zealand National Airways Corporation Dissolution Act 1978
  • Port Companies Act 1988
  • Railways Act 2005
  • Road User Charges Act 1977
  • Ship Registration Act 1992
  • Shipping Act 1987
  • Shipping Corporation of New Zealand Act Repeal Act 1988
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1996
  • Taranaki Harbours Act 1965
  • Transit New Zealand Act 1989
  • Transport Accident Investigation Commission Act 1990
  • Transport Act 1962
  • Transport Services Licensing Act 1989
  • Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986
  • Waterfront Industry Restructuring Act 1989
  • Wellington Airport Act 1990.

Major Statutory Regulations

  • Airport Authorities (Airport Companies Information Disclosure) Regulations 1999
  • Carriage by Air (New Zealand Currency Equivalents) Notice 1998
  • Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Information Service) Levies Order 2001
  • Civil Aviation Charges Regulations 1991 (No 2)
  • Civil Aviation (ANZA Mutual Recognition Agreement) Order 2007
  • Civil Aviation (Offences) Regulations 2006
  • Civil Aviation (Safety) Levies Order 2002
  • Engine Drivers’ Examination Regulations 1952
  • Foreshore Licence Regulations 1960
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974
  • Land Transport (Approved Laboratory and Analyst in Charge) Notice 2000
  • Land Transport (Assessment Centre and Accident Report Fees) Regulations 1998
  • Land Transport (Certification and Other Fees) Regulations 1999
  • Land Transport (Driver Licensing and Driver Testing Fees) Regulations 1999
  • Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999
  • Land Transport (Infringement and Reminder Notices) Regulations 1998
  • Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999
  • Land Transport (Ordering a Vehicle off the Road) Notice 1999
  • Land Transport (Requirements for Storage and Towage of Impounded Vehicles) Regulations 1999
  • Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004
  • Land Transport (Storage and Towage Fees for Impounded Vehicles) Regulations 1999
  • Land Transport (Traction Engine Safety) Regulations 2006
  • Land Transport Management (Apportionment and Refund of Excise Duty and Excise-Equivalent Duty) Regulations 2004
  • Land Transport Management (Compliance with Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy) Order 2006
  • Land Transport Management (Road Tolling Scheme for ALPURT B2) Order 2005
  • Marine Protection (Offences) Regulations 1998
  • Marine Safety Charges Regulations 2000
  • Maritime (Offences) Regulations 1998
  • Maritime Security Regulations 2004
  • Maritime Security (Designated Authority) Order 2004
  • Maritime Security (Maritime Security Organisations) Order 2004
  • Maritime Transport Act (Conventions) Order 1994
  • Maritime Transport (Certificates of Insurance) Regulations 2005
  • Maritime Transport (Fund Convention) Levies Order 1996
  • Maritime Transport (Infringement Fees for Offences Relating to Major Maritime Events) Regulations 1999
  • Maritime Transport (Marine Protection Conventions) Order 1999
  • Maritime Transport (Maximum Amounts of Liability for Pollution Damage) Order 2003
  • Notice of Direction to Require Screening 2002
  • Oil Pollution Levies Order 1998
  • Road User Charges (Rates) Order 1996
  • Road User Charges (Rates) Order (No 2) 2007
  • Road User Charges Regulations 1978
  • Ship Registration (Fees) Regulations 1992
  • Shipping (Charges) Regulations 2000
  • Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Orders 1992 and 2006
  • Traffic Regulations 1976
  • Transport (Breath Tests) Notice 1989 (No. 2)
  • Transport (Change of Ownership) Regulations 1995
  • Transport (Towage Fees) Notice 2004
  • Transport (Vehicle Registration and Licensing) Regulations 1994
  • Transport Services Licensing Regulations 1989


The Ministry of Transport (the Ministry) is the Government's principal transport policy adviser. The Ministry develops and provides transport policy and advice for the Government, based upon the need to fulfil, and be consistent with, the vision and objectives of the New Zealand Transport Strategy (NZTS).

The Ministry develops and provides transport policy advice for the Government, develops legislation for Parliament to enact, drafts regulations and rules in association with the transport Crown entities, and represents New Zealand’s transport interests internationally. The Ministry also coordinates the work of the Crown entities, acting as an agent for the Minister of Transport. These Crown entities include:

  • Aviation Security Service
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Land Transport New Zealand (Land Transport NZ)
  • Maritime New Zealand
  • Transit New Zealand (Transit)
  • Transport Accident Investigation Commission.

The Ministry also works with three state-owned enterprises with transport functions:

  • Airways Corporation of New Zealand Limited
  • Meteorological Service of New Zealand Limited (MetService)

The Ministry provides comment to the Minster of Transport on the Statements of Intent of the transport Crown entities, and negotiates an annual performance agreement with each entity (except the Road Safety Trust, which operates under a trust deed). The Ministry monitors the entities' performance against these documents, and reports to the Minister. It also recommends appointments to the entities' governing bodies.

The Ministry coordinates the development of the annual New Zealand Road Safety programme (Safety Administration Programme), in consultation with communities, local authorities, Land Transport NZ, Transit and the New Zealand Police.

While the Ministry is primarily a policy and monitoring agency, it is responsible for some operational functions, including:

  • maintaining the Motor Vehicle Register*
  • collecting motor vehicle registration and licensing fees, road user charges and fuel excise duty*
  • licensing foreign international airlines flying to and from New Zealand
  • operating the Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome
  • overseeing the Crown's interest in joint venture airports
  • administering a contract with MetService for the provision of public weather warnings and forecasts.

The Ministry also works closely with local government. Local authorities own, maintain and develop New Zealand's local road network and perform important regulatory transport functions. Regional councils (and Unitary Authorities) are required to develop regional land transport strategies that guide the transport decision-making of local councils, and also fund public transport and ‘total mobility’ schemes in conjunction with Land Transport NZ. In the Auckland region, the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) carries out these functions. Some local authorities own seaports and airports, or share ownership with the Crown.

*Actual service delivery is provided by Land Transport NZ through a service level agreement.


The structure of the Ministry is organised around key output areas aligned with the objectives of the New Zealand Transport Strategy (NZTS).




The categories of documents held by the Ministry relate to the following areas of activity:

  • Providing the Government with policy advice for the transport sector. This includes strategic advice to establish the broad legislative and regulatory frameworks within which the sector operates, implementation of strategy, advice on the day-to-day issues that the sector throws up and drafting ministerial correspondence, speeches, parliamentary questions and Official Information Act requests.
  • Working with Parliamentary Counsel and others to prepare legislation, and assisting the Government in carrying it through parliamentary processes.
  • Responsibility for the preparation and oversight of the Government's Rules Programme.
  • Liaison with its family of Crown entities, eg, developing performance agreements with them on the Minister's behalf and monitoring their performance. Some of the Secretary of Transport’s responsibilities (eg, the running of the Motor Vehicle Registry) are contracted to transport Crown entities.
  • Administration, communications, finance, human resource (including personal files and pay records for all Ministry staff), audit and assurance, accommodation, planning and information management files.


The Ministry maintains or uses documents relating to:


  • advice to the Minister on transport policy
  • development and management of policy for the transport sector
  • monitoring national and international development and activities in transport legislation
  • management of transport legislation development
  • consultation, publicity and information leading to legislation and proposals
  • development and implementation of policy in relation to the facilitation of passengers and cargo through New Zealand's international airports, and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) correspondence on facilitation issues
  • material relating to the development and implementation of international air services policy and to current developments elsewhere, including multilateral issues (GATS, OECD, APEC).


Legislative programme and general Bills which cover the Ministry of Transport and other legislation of concern to the Ministry, copies of Bills, Acts, regulations, rules and amendments.

Delegations – registers containing instruments of delegation and summaries of delegated powers.

Administration – precedents, opinions, advice, guides to Acts and regulations.

Case Law – various court decisions.

Human Resources

Development and implementation of the Ministry's:

  • human resources policy
  • remuneration policies
  • bicultural programme
  • salary personnel administration
  • ministry establishment monitoring
  • EEO programme
  • New Zealand Disability Strategy
  • Pay and Employment Equity Response Plan outcomes
  • staff development programme
  • training and capability building
  • occupational safety and health.

Administration and Finance

  • details of records and equipment
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • accommodation policies
  • policy on risk management
  • security policies
  • material relating to the Ministry's planning process
  • financial records and reports
  • finance policy
  • Vote Transport Estimates of Appropriation
  • annual reports to Parliament.


  • material relating to the administration of the Crown's interest in joint-venture airports (partnerships between the Crown and local authorities), including joint-venture airport agreements
  • minutes of the meetings of the New Zealand Air Facilitation Committee
  • schedule of New Zealand Airport Charges, and landing charges at joint-venture aerodromes, and Milford Sound Aerodrome
  • Material relating to ICAO, including the Convention on International Civil Aviation and amendments, protocols, and annexes; ICAO reports and state letters
  • material relating to bilateral air services relations with other countries, including air service agreements and associated documents
  • material relating to New Zealand and foreign airlines holding international air service licences, including nature of service filings and tariff applications, and Register of Licences
  • applications relating to operation of non-scheduled international flights
  • international air service passenger statistics
  • international air service passenger and cargo tariff manuals
  • material related to the operation of Milford Sound/Piopiotahi Aerodrome
  • material related to contract management activity
  • medical convener administration (aviation)
  • applications for exclusion zones around submarine cables and pipelines
  • applications relating to domestic operations by international shipping (section 198 of the Maritime Transport Act).


The Ministry is located in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. The Wellington office is the largest and is the base for the Chief Executive.



Ministry of Transport
Level 6, Novell House
89 The Terrace
Wellington 6011
PO Box 3175

Telephone: 04 439 9000
Fax: 04 473 3697


Ministry of Transport
Level 6 Tower Centre
45 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
PO Box 106 238
Auckland City

Telephone: 09 379 0070
Fax: 09 985 4849


Ministry of Transport
Level 7 Te Waipounamu House
158 Hereford Street
Christchurch 8011
PO Box 3014
Christchurch Mail Centre

Telephone: 03 366 9304
Fax: 03 366 9317