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Agency Disclosure Statement

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) was prepared by the Ministry of Justice.

It provides an analysis of options to reduce knife possession and offences committed with knives, particularly by young people.

Following concerns raised with the Government about young people carrying knives the Minister of Justice directed the Ministry to undertake an analysis of the laws around knife possession, offence trends and actions that could be taken to address the problem.  The Minister released the Ministry’s report on 11 March and directed the Ministry to undertake further work on all the options referred to in the report and to prepare a paper for consideration by Cabinet on 3 May.  

The RIS was prepared within a short timeframe and focuses, for the most part, on the options the Ministry was directed to work on.  The level of analysis in the RIS reflects the timeframe.  There has only been a short amount of time for consultation with other agencies, but further work will be undertaken with these agencies to implement the options proposed.  

There are no options in the RIS that are likely to have effects that the Government has said will require a particularly strong case before regulation is considered.  The proposed voluntary accord with retailers to limit the sale of knives to young people will involve close consultation with the Retailers Association and may be limited to a small number of areas where knife crime is a particular problem.

Rajesh Chhana, General Manager, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice


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