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He Hinatore ki te Ao Māori: A glimpse into the Māori world

The purpose of this project is to help develop an understanding of traditional Maori perspectives on justice, which involves the identification of cultural values and beliefs in relation to Maori practices and tikanga. The intention of the paper is not to say how the criminal justice system of New Zealand might work. Rather, it is an overview of a Maori perspective of tika or rightness. March 2001.

Maori Perspectives on Justice

First published in March 2001

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  1. Part 1 - Traditional Maori Concepts
  2. Part 2 - Case Study Analysis
  3. Part 3 - A Collection of Behaviours, Philosophies, Emotions and Cultural Influences

Appendix 1 Chronology of Events for the Maori Perspectives on Justice Project
Appendix 2 Maori Perspectives on Justice Project Terms of Reference
Appendix 3 Original Frameworks as Developed by the Maori Perspectives on Justice Project Team
Appendix 4 Maori Case Studies Framework for Analysis
Appendix 5 Methodology for Conducting Interviews with Kaumatua Informants
Appendix 6 Maori Experts Seminars

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