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Hamilton High / District Court

Do I need to attend jury service today? (for current jurors).

No Further Attendance Required

This message is from the Registrar of the Hamilton District Court for Jurors summoned to attend for Jury Service in the week commencing Monday 8th December 2014.

Stand-By Jurors, they are Jurors not serving on a current Jury Trial, your attendance is No Longer required for the remainder of the week.

Thank you very much for your service.



Get directions through Google

(Tel) 0800 268 787

(International) +64 9 583 1900

(Fax) 09 916 9153


  • The main entrance for Jurors is at the District Court which is located on Anglesea Street.
  • High Court reception is on Level 2.
  • District Court reception is on Level 2.

The court house

Hamilton - Jury trial court room entrance  Hamilton - Jury waiting area Hamilton - Court house

Transport and parking


There is no free parking near Hamilton District Court.

Very limited street parking is available near the District Court. This costs $2 per hour (prices as at February 2009).

The nearest parking building is located on Knox Street. This costs $1.50 per hour - first hour free (prices as at February 2009). Early Bird (prior to 10.00 am) cost $6.00 per day.   Jurors will be reimbursed for car parking costs if you travelled to Court in your private vehicle and there is no convenient free car parking available.  A parking receipt should be obtained and you will need to complete a reimbursement form which court staff can provide if required.

Public transport

The Waikato Regional Council website