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Hamilton High / District Court

Do I need to attend jury service today? (for current jurors).

 All jurors summoned to attend for service in the week commencing 24/11/2014, you are required to report to the Jury Assembly Room on Level 4, Hamilton District Court by 9:00 AM on Monday the 24th of November 2014.


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(Tel) 0800 268 787

(International) +64 9 583 1900

(Fax) 09 916 9153


  • The main entrance for Jurors is at the District Court which is located on Anglesea Street.
  • High Court reception is on Level 2.
  • District Court reception is on Level 2.

The court house

Hamilton - Jury trial court room entrance  Hamilton - Jury waiting area Hamilton - Court house

Transport and parking


There is no free parking near Hamilton District Court.

Very limited street parking is available near the District Court. This costs $2 per hour (prices as at February 2009).

The nearest parking building is located on Knox Street. This costs $1.50 per hour - first hour free (prices as at February 2009). Early Bird (prior to 10.00 am) cost $6.00 per day.   Jurors will be reimbursed for car parking costs if you travelled to Court in your private vehicle and there is no convenient free car parking available.  A parking receipt should be obtained and you will need to complete a reimbursement form which court staff can provide if required.

Public transport

The Waikato Regional Council website