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Palmerston North District / High Court

Welcome to the Palmerston North District/High Court information page.

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Do I need to attend jury service this week?


The next sitting of a jury trial is scheduled to commence 13 June 2016.

Our website and answerphone services will be updated by 5.30pm on 10 June 2016.

Thank you.

Last Updated: 20 May 2016 at 4:30pm



Contact information


  • The main entrance is located on Main Street.
  • Reception is located on the ground floor.
  • Access to all courtrooms and the public offices is via the main entrance on the ground floor.  There is a Security Area before you enter the main building. 
  • Jurors should ensure they bring their Jury Summons with them so they can be fast-tracked through the Security Area.

The court house

Palmerston North - Jury waiting areaPalmerston North - Jury boxPalmerston North - Court house

Transport and parking


There is no free parking near Palmerston North District Court.

There is Council metered parking adjacent to the courthouse.

The nearest parking building is the Downtown Car Parking building located directly opposite the courthouse for $10 per day (price at February 2009).  Jurors will be reimbursed for car parking costs if you travelled to Court in your private vehicle and there is no convenient free car parking available.  A parking receipt should be obtained and you will need to complete a reimbursement form which court staff can provide if required.

Public transport

A bus terminal is located on Main Street directly opposite the main entrance to the courthouse.

Information on fares and a timetable are available from the Horizons Regional Council website.