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Jurors summons to the week of the 20th of June 2016 are no longer required and your service is over. Thank you for responding to your summons and attending. Empanelled jurors are to continue to follow the Judges direction.

Last Update: 24th of  June 2016

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The court house

Wellington High Court - Court roomWellington High Court - Jury waiting areaWellington High Court - Jury work spaceWellington High Court - Jury box

Transport and parking


There is no free parking near the High Court. There is very limited street parking surrounding the court and across the road (outside Parliament) which costs $4 per hour and has a two hour limit (pay and display). Several parking buildings are nearby, including Stout Street for $4 per hour and Ballantrae Place (behind Parliament buildings) for $3 per hour. Alternatively, jurors may wish to park at the Westpac Trust Stadium which is a 10 minute walk from the High Court and costs $8 for all day parking. (All prices as at October 2010).

Jurors will be reimbursed for car parking costs if you travelled to Court in your private vehicle.  A parking receipt should be obtained and you will need to complete a reimbursement form which court staff can provide.  However, we will not reimburse you if you get a parking ticket.

Public transport

The Court backs on to the main bus terminal at the end of Lambton Quay. This is regardless of whether you are travelling from the Hutt Valley or Northern suburbs or the Southern / Eastern suburbs. 

The Court is also very close to the train station, with an exit through the subway taking travellers to the bus terminal.

Comprehensive information on public transport options is available on the Metlink website.


Jury Fee Payment - If you would like to receive payment of your Jury Attendance Fees by Direct Credit, please ensure that you bring your bank account details with you on the first day of your Summons.