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Attending a court or tribunal

Audio visual links in court: How to apply to use AVL in your court hearings, find out about the technology.

Court fees: Fees payable in relation to Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, District Courts and Disputes Tribunal proceedings and orders.

Find your local court: Check the location of any courthouse in New Zealand.

Jury service: Find out what it means to be a juror and how jury service works.


Courts have a wide variety of roles including enforcing the criminal law, resolving civil disputes, upholding the rights of individuals, ensuring that government agencies stay within the law, and explaining the law.  More…


Family Court

District Courts

High Court

Employment Court


 The Tribunals Unit of the Ministry of Justice provides administrative and registry support services to 25 tribunals, authorities and committees. It also provides other specialist services, including committee servicing and judicial support. More…


Weathertight Homes Tribunal

Tenancy Tribunal

Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal

Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority