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Criminal records

The Ministry of Justice can provide a copy of your criminal record to you and/or a person or agency that you authorise. 

Your record lists criminal and traffic convictions and sentencing from court appearances. It does not include Youth Court charges.


Get a copy of your criminal record

  • For individuals requesting a copy of their own criminal record.

Request authorisation to view  someone’s criminal record

  • For third parties (eg an employer or insurance agency) seeking a person’s authorisation to view their criminal record.

Important: “Clean slate” records

If you meet all criteria under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act your convictions will not be shown on your record, unless:

  • your record is for your own personal use, AND
  • you tick the box on the form requesting a full record.

It is against the law for most third parties to request or require that you disclose your full criminal record.

In specific circumstances, approved users can ask a person to provide a complete copy of their criminal record – for example, if that person is applying to be a foster parent or a Justice of the Peace.  See Exceptions under Section 19 of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act.

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