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The Legal Aid Tribunal reviews decisions the Legal Services Commissioner makes about grants for legal aid. A review is where the Tribunal decides if the Commissioner has made a decision that is manifestly unreasonable, wrong in law, or both. You cannot apply for a review if you just disagree with the decision.

You can ask for a review of decisions about:

  • applications for legal aid, including declining an application 
  • the maximum level of legal aid granted
  • the amount that is to be repaid by someone granted legal aid
  • the conditions placed on a grant
  • stopping, or changing a grant
  • a charge, or security,  placed on property owned by someone granted legal aid 
  • enforcement of any condition on a grant
  • payment of costs awarded to an opponent in a civil case.

Before applying to the Tribunal you must first ask the Commissioner to reconsider his or her original decision. The exception is if you are seeking costs from a legally aided person you do not need to ask the Commissioner to reconsider his or her original decision. 

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