About our employee calculations

We needed to make data corrections before we could use the remediation calculator to recalculate and compare payments. Outlined below are the key processes, recalculations and data corrections that have taken place for the remediation period 2 April 2009 to 24 June 2020.

Main recalculation of leave payments We’ve recalculated the payment for every instance of leave across the remediation period. This ensures that at least minimum entitlements under the Act have been paid to employees.

We’ve recalculated Annual Holidays to ensure that at least the higher of Ordinary Weekly Pay or Average Weekly Earnings has been paid.

We’ve recalculated other leave types – Bereavement Leave, Alternative Holidays, Public Holidays and Sick Leave – to ensure that Relevant Daily Pay has been paid. Where it hasn't been possible or practicable to determine Relevant Daily Pay, we've used Average Daily Pay.
Cash up of annual holidays We completed a review of Annual Holiday cash-ups across the remediation period to check that the payment for annual holidays cash-ups aligns with an employee’s entitlement year, as specified in the Act.
Casual employees holiday pay We reviewed entitlements to Holidays Act payments, including entitlements to payments on public holidays.
Data checking We identified incidences where retrospective changes to pay hadn't processed correctly (for example, if an allowance had been added or removed and wasn't accurately calculated).

We completed a review of these records so that all remediation checks and calculations could proceed based on the correct payment data.
Public holidays We've completed a detailed review of all instances where an employee has worked on a Public Holiday to (1) identify and adjust where other paid leave types have been recorded (for example, Annual Holidays and Sick Leave) and (2) ensure that correct payment for working on public holidays has been made.

We've also ensured that a full day’s Alternative Holiday is provided when the Public Holiday is determined to be an otherwise working day.
Salary increase post-termination We identified instances where a salary increase after termination needs to be applied. We completed a review of salary so that remediation checks and calculations for leave and termination pay could be based on the correct payment data.
Termination pays We've reviewed all termination pays to ensure requirements under the  Act have been met for employees leaving our Ministry.
Worked hours We've validated worked hours and leave taken for each employee against their work pattern to ensure that when leave is taken, the leave payments are correct.
Data cleansing We've also identified historic practices which haven't been compliant with the Act, for example, paying overtime and allowances on a single day per week (not the actual work day they related to); gross earnings inclusions/ exclusions that weren't compliant with the Act; and non-compliant pay rates for some types of leave. We corrected these records so that all remediation checks and calculations could proceed based on compliant payment data.