What we've done so far

In 2017, we:

  • carried out an in-depth review to identify the issues that led to non-compliance with the Act
  • agreed on an approach to become fully compliant with the Act
  • planned our processes to make remedial payments.

In 2018, we:

  • engaged a specialist payroll consultant to help calculate the extent of our historic leave pay and entitlement errors
  • voluntarily signed up to a legally binding agreement with the Labour Inspectorate to address our current non-compliance with the Act
  • continued to work with the State Services Commission, other Government agencies, and unions to ensure consistency.

In 2019, we:

  • received sign-off from the Labour Inspectorate on our approach to calculations
  • made our first remediation payments to current employees
  • purchased a new payroll system, and plan to implement this during 2020
  • started to make payments to former staff.

In 2020, we:

  • continued to contact and remediate our former employees
  • welcomed our new payroll system to correctly manage our people, pay and leave
  • have been correctly paying employees each fortnight since 25 June 2020 following the transition to our new payroll system, meaning we're now considered compliant with the Holidays Act.