Information for people in managed isolation needing to access the District Court

District Court protocol on isolation and quarantine

The Chief District Court Judge has issued a protocol for people who are currently held in managed isolation or quarantine ('managed arriving persons') under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Air Border) Order 2020(external link) or COVID-19 Public Health Response (Maritime Border) Order 2020(external link) who wish to access the District Court.

Read more about the District Court protocol for Isolation and Quarantine(external link)

The information below outlines the key points of this protocol. It is not intended as legal advice.

  • There is no automatic right to access the District Court in person by managed arriving persons. Prior specific permission must be obtained from a Judge.
  • Documents must be filed electronically, unless filed in person by Counsel or other representative.
  • Managed arriving persons are to appear by audio-visual link (AVL) unless directed by a Judge.
  • A person or agency may apply for directions from a Judge as to whether it is 'necessary' for a person to appear in person, including the manner of appearance.

This protocol covers all proceedings in the District Court, including participants who are appearing as witnesses, support persons or victims.

Please contact the relevant District Court registry or call 0800 COURTS if you have any questions.

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