Attendance fees

Shortly after you do your jury service, you’ll be paid for each half-day you spent at court.

The fee is to thank you for your service. It’s not meant to replace your wage or salary.

 First 5 days you attend court6th and subsequent days you attend court
For each half-day $31 $40
If you’re at court between 6:00pm and 9:00pm
(this is your payment for the whole day)
$89 $114
If you’re at court after 9:00pm
(this is your payment for the whole day)
$127 $163

You can ask the registrar of the court where you served for a higher fee if you will suffer significant financial hardship by doing jury service. This may be considered in special circumstances.

Attendance fees include GST, and you don’t need to pay tax on them or an ACC earners levy.

A Work & Income benefit might be affected by the attendance fee.

Contact Work & Income if you’re on a benefit(external link)

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