Child support

The child support scheme makes sure that parents who are not living with their children help pay the costs of raising their children. The child support scheme is managed by Inland Revenue.

The Child Support Act 1991 covers child maintenance arrangements for families living in New Zealand and families where 1 of the parents lives in Australia. However, you may be able to get child support under the Family Proceedings Act 1980 even if you or the other parent lives outside of New Zealand and Australia.

How the Family Court can help with child support

The Family Court can become involved if:

In more detail, the Family Court can:

  • hear appeals of decisions made by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue
  • have payments calculated in a different way by making a Departure Order
  • declare that a person is a step-parent of a child
  • change the formula assessment for a child
  • order lump sum payments
  • change lump sum payments or any Court Order that changed an assessment
  • cancel any voluntary agreements
  • enforce payments under the Child Support Act 1991.

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