Respond to an application for a Parenting Order or Order to Settle Dispute

If the child’s other parent or guardian asks the court for a Parenting Order or an Order to Settle a Dispute between Guardians - you’ll be given a copy of their application. Other documents may be mailed to you. You’ll then be able to respond (defend the application) and have your say before the Order can be made.

If the court believes the situation is urgent, it can make an Interim Order straightaway and you’ll get to have your say afterwards before it becomes final.

Decide if you want to respond

If you don’t respond, the judge can make the final Order without hearing what you think.

If you decide to respond (have your say), you’ll need to fill in the forms, file them with the court and then serve them on the other people involved in the court case.

How to respond

It’s free to respond.

  1. Fill in this form:
    Notice of response form and affidavit [PDF, 787 KB]
  2. File your documents at the court.
    Find out more about how to file documents
  3. Serve your documents on the other people.
    Find out more about how to serve documents

Timeframes for responding

You have a set time to ask the court not to make the Parenting Order or Order to Settle a Dispute between Guardians.

The set time is usually:

  • 21 days if the documents are served in New Zealand
  • 30 days if they’re served in Australia
  • 50 days for anywhere else in the world.

The court will tell you how many days you have to respond. It’s important that you check this because a judge can change the time for responding.

Legal help and advice

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