Bribery & corruption

New Zealand has a strong reputation for being free and intolerant of bribery and corruption. Our country is widely recognised for its commitment to supporting international efforts to combat such behaviour and offences in all their forms.

We consistently rank among the least corrupt nations in the world, often topping Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks countries by perceived corruption levels among public officials and politicians.

We work with other agencies and organisations domestically and globally to maintain New Zealand’s reputation, support international anti-corruption efforts and strengthen our anti-bribery laws.

How to combat bribery & corruption

New Zealand businesses have an important role to play in protecting New Zealanders and our economy from corruption.

How to report bribery & corruption

To detect and prevent bribery and corruption, individuals and organisations need to let authorities know if they suspect such behaviour.

New Zealand laws & measures

New Zealand has several corruption-related laws and measures. We're also party to a variety of international agreements.

International cooperation & treaties

New Zealand has signed and ratified a number of important international treaties designed to address corruption and bribery

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