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This suite of 35 Evidence Briefs, developed by the Ministry of Justice, is a ‘first-stop-shop’ for decision makers and policy developers looking to influence justice outcomes. They provide systematic reviews of justice related interventions summarising New Zealand and international research. They are a basis to make good decisions on where the government invests, what is effective; for whom; when; and why. The Evidence Briefs rank interventions from strong, high quality evidence bases to evidence that is inconclusive, or that supports ending an intervention.

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Discussion papers

Justice, Wellbeing and Social capital - Discussion Paper 20/01 – Prepared by Ministry of Justice and the Treasury

Our justice system plays a central role in generating and maintaining social capital in its role as enforcing regulations made by all parts of Government, from access to justice to timely resolution of disputes. This paper prepared by Treasury and the Ministry of Justice offers ideas on how to grow, enhance, and maintain social capital from a justice perspective, and identifies examples of policy that can provide growth in these domains.

This paper is based on the innovative ideas of the author, rather than government policy.

Read the Justice, Wellbeing and Social capital discussion paper on the Treasury website(external link)