Funding information for applicants

The Crown may contribute to the costs of iwi, hapū or whānau groups who are engaged with the Crown and/or who applied to the High Court under the Marine and Coastal Area Act.

The purpose of this funding is to support applicant groups to contribute evidence of how they meet the tests under the Act.


Any Crown contribution will be as a reimbursement – applicants will need to meet the up front costs of their application themselves.

A reimbursement is available for those costs related to legal, historian and project management tasks that help determine whether an application meets the tests under the Act.

Applying through both pathways

Applicants pursuing both Crown engagement and High Court applications will not receive funding for both pathways at the same time.  Any activities that are relevant to both pathways (e.g. historical research) will only be funded once.

When will funding be available?

Groups may apply for reimbursement of costs at each stage of the process.

As an application proceeds through the various stages, or milestones, a capped level of funding is available as a contribution towards each stage.

How much funding is available?

There is an upper limit, or maximum, that the Crown will contribute towards applicant costs. The upper funding limit is based upon upon the actual spending by applicants in the High Court since 2012. More information about these limits is available in the 'Outline of process' documents (link below).

Application complexity

The value of the upper limit for each application will depend on the complexity of the application.

The complexity of an application is based on factors such as size of the applicant group, the application area, the number of overlapping groups, the nature of relations between overlapping groups and any current third party use in the application area.

Applicants can provide information about the complexity of their application. This information will be taken into account in decisions around Crown contributions to funding. Applicants can use the self-assessment form which is part of the ‘Guide to funding applications’ (see links below).

Funding guides for applicant groups

These documents have been prepared in order to assist with applications for reimbursement.

For applications for Crown engagement:

For High Court applications:

Contact someone about funding

For any enquiries please contact the MACA team at or on +64 800 866 222.

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