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Overview of the Family Justice System

An overview of the system and how it can help you.

First steps for resolving disputes about children

The Parenting Through Separation parenting information programme is your first step to working out disputes about how you’ll care for your children, without going to court.

New mediation service

Family Dispute Resolution mediation can help you agree on parenting arrangements for your children, without going to court.

Family Legal Advice Service

See if you qualify for some government-funded legal advice when you're working out how you'll care for your children, without going to court.

The Family Court and children

Understanding the Family Court if you are using it to settle a dispute about caring for your children.

Those who can help


The Family Court can legally end your marriage or civil unionif you've lived apart for two years or more.

Relationship property

If you can't agree, the Family Court can make decisions about how your relationship property is divided when you separate or divorce.

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