About the Ministry

We're the lead agency in the justice sector and the lead agency on Crown/Māori Relations for the government. We work towards a safe and just New Zealand. To do this we administer the court system, the legal aid system and the Public Defence Service. We collect and enforce fines and civil debts. We also negotiate the settlement of historical Treaty of Waitangi claims against the Crown and ensure that settlements remain durable. We provide policy advice on matters related to justice and the administration of the law, and on Crown/Māori Relations. 

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    What the Ministry of Justice does, its purpose and goals.

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    Working for Justice means you’re working for the fairness and credibility of our justice system and the society it represents.

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    Find out how to make an OIA request and read the Directory of Official Information.

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    Resources for lawyers who provide legal aid services and service providers contracted by us to deliver services around the country.

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    News from us and the wider justice sector plus information for the media on reporting on court cases.

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    Aimed at students, teachers and other people who want to learn about the justice system in New Zealand.

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    Use this as a guide to legal language used in our courts and tribunals.

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    Here at the Ministry of Justice, our purpose is to deliver people-centred services to provide access to justice for all. A big part of how we do this involves the commitment of our people to provide great service to the public every day.

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