On this page you’ll find documents that have been published under the Government’s policy requiring Ministers to proactively release Cabinet papers and related material.

The policy applies to papers lodged for consideration by Cabinet from 1 January 2019 onwards. Cabinet papers and minutes must be proactively published within 30 business days of final decisions being taken by Cabinet, unless there’s a good reason not to publish them (whether in part or in full), or to delay the release. The policy doesn’t apply to Cabinet papers concerning the appointment of individuals to statutory and other roles.

We publish the papers for the Ministers we support – the Minister of Justice, Minster for Courts, Associate Minister of Justice and Associate Minister for Courts, as well as some papers relating to the Attorney-General.

For more information on the policy see:

CO (18) 4 - Proactive Release of Cabinet Material: Updated Requirements

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  1. Proactive release of Cabinet papers and minutes relating to supporting the delivery of the 2020 election due to the change of election date and COVID-19 [PDF, 2.1 MB]

    Documents related to supporting the delivery of the 2020 election due to the change of election date and Covid-19. This pack includes Cabinet papers and Minutes relating to the Electoral Amendment Regulations (No 3) 2020, Electoral Amendment regulations (No 4) 2020, the Electoral Main Rolls Closing Order (No 2) 2020, additional funding to support the delivery of the 2020 General Election and referendums due to the change of election date, and agreement to the application of appropriate COVID-19 ...

  2. Proactive release - Amendments to the District Court Rules 2014 and High Courts Rules 2016 [PDF, 597 KB]

    This paper sought Cabinet approval for the District Court (Contempt of Court) Amendment Rules 2020, High Court (Contempt of Court) Amendment Rules 2020, which replaces the rules for the District Court and High Court respectively. The changes under the High Court Amendment Rules 2020 reflect modifications suggested by the registry or the legal profession for cases not provided for or where the application of the High Court Rules have proven impractical. The District Court (Contempt of Court) Amen...

  3. Proactive Release - Electoral Amendment Regulations 2020 [PDF, 679 KB]

    On 8 April 2019 Cabinet approved amendments to the Electoral Regulations 1996. Cabinet agreed to amend the Electoral Regulations 1996 to specify the deadline by which postal vote applications must be made, allow the Electoral Commission to process overseas, dictation and postal votes centrally, extend the deadline for the return of overseas postal votes and enable the Electoral Commission the ability to provide emergency special voting services in the event of a localised civil emergency in New ...