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Media guide for reporting the courts and tribunals

The Criminal Procedure Act 2011 is in force from 1 July 2013. Cases commenced before that date continue under the old rules, meaning there are two processes in place in the transition period.

Media reporting all New Zealand court proceedings that commence from 1 July 2013, refer to the latest Media guide for reporting the courts and tribunals, edition 3.1.

Changes to criminal procedure factsheet

The changes to criminal procedure: information for court reporters factsheet (PDF, 273.73 KB) gives a summary of the Act and its impact on the media.

Criminal procedure at a glance

The criminal procedure at a glance factsheet (PDF, 311.76 KB) gives an overview of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011, including a diagram showing how matters are progressed under the Act.

In-court media coverage application form

The in-court media coverage application form (PDF, 630 KB) is for media requesting permission to cover in-court proceedings.

Court record search application form

The court record search application form (PDF, 615 KB) is for media applying to search for information on the court record.

Press sheets

The press sheets page gives information on the availability of press sheets to media.

Press bench signage

The press bench signage page gives information on designated seating for media in the courtroom.

Court system

The court system page gives an overview of the operation of courts, tribunals and other authorities, including the appeal process.

Justice sector terminology guide

The justice sector terminology guide is an A to Z of terms and processes used in the justice sector.