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Most of the Ministry's publications are available online in either HTML or PDF format. Some reports have been divided into several sections for ease of downloading.

If a publication is not available online or you would like a hard copy of a publication, you can request it by

Some older publications are out of print and cannot be ordered. Publications marked as out of print are held only as reference copies by the Ministry of Justice and the National Library. Please contact the Ministry of Justice for further information.

Browse an A - Z list of Ministry publications or use the topic headings to find a publication.

Legal aid

View and order Legal Aid pamphlets here


Publications on victim's rights, services for victims, restorative justice, and research reports and papers relating to victims.

Read victims publications


Publications relating to the Family Court, domestic violence, children, family violence courts, Family Court statistics, and research reports and papers relating to the family.

Read family publications


Publications about youth and alcohol, domestic violence, the Youth Court, youth offending, child and youth justice statistics, and research reports and papers relating to youth.

Read youth publications


Publications on the criminal court, crime and safety surveys, conviction and sentencing, criminal records, penalties, crime reduction, and research reports and papers relating to crime.

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Court users

Publications for court users including information on jury service, speaking Māori or other languages in court, young witnesses, the service charter and more.

Read court users publications


Publications about tribunals and tribunal reform.

Read tribunals publications


Publications about civil court fees, private investigators and security guards, alternative dispute resolution and more.

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Justice system

Publications covering the Bill of Rights, courts, human rights, judicial appointments, judicial conduct, juries, justices of the peace, Law Commission reports, referenda, the royal prerogative of mercy and the justice sector.

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Publications about elections, the Electoral Finance review and MMP.

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Papers, reports and publications on legisalation about civil union, criminal procedure, domestic violence, organised crime, parole, private investigators and security guards, real estate, sale of liquor, sentencing and the sex industry.

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Ministry governance and performance publications including the Annual Report, Statement of Intent, Strategic Plan, Briefing to the Incoming Minister, and the Directory of Official Information.

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