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Changes to civil enforcement

From 14 April 2014 there are new ways to recover civil debt. They make it faster, easier and cheaper for creditors, debtors, their representatives and the courts and tribunals.

To help you understand what you need to do differently see Changes to key civil enforcement options.


What is civil debt?

A civil debt is what a person or organisation has to pay if they’re taken to court over money or property and they lose the case.  The person who owes the money is called the judgment debtor.  The person who is owed the money is called the judgment creditor.  The result of the case is called an order or judgment. 

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The judgment creditor may need different information if the order or judgment was made over six years ago.  Find out more about orders or judgments over six years old.

Go to the Ministry of Justice Tribunals Website for more information about how to make a private claim against someone in a tribunal or civil court.