Civil enforcement fees

These fees must be paid when you file an application.

How to pay enforcement fees

If you file an application at the district court you can pay in person by cash, eftpos, or with a debit/credit card.

If you send in your application, you can pay by credit/debit card using this form:

Credit/debit card payment form [PDF, 200 KB]

  • If the judgment order has more than one debtor, the creditor must file an application form and pay fees for each debtor individually.
  • Creditors and Debtors applying for civil enforcement must pay the fees at the time of application.

File and Pay

Civil Enforcement fees can be paid through the File and Pay service. You will find them under the Civil District Court “Court type” and the Civil Enforcement “Case type”.
When you make a payment through File and Pay, you will receive a receipt that you should print out and send to us with your application forms.

You can find File and Pay here: File and Pay (external link)

Current fees are:

Agreed attachment order $30
Attachment order $50
Filing a new address $50
Filing a financial statement $65
Assessment of financial means $80
Request for bailiff service $50
Financial assessment hearing $130 (creditor service) $180 (bailiff service)
Warrant to seize property $200
Warrant to recovery $200
Eviction $200
Warrant for recovery of land $200
Charging order $250
Garnishee proceedings $250
Review of Registrars Decision $250
Contempt of enforcement proceedings $200 (creditor service) $250 (bailiff service)
Enforce a judgement older than 6 years $250

These fees apply from 14 April 2014.

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