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Home of the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority. Contains information about applying, emergency appointments, withdrawing applications and refunds.

You can find information about the following on this page:

You should read the Applying for a licence or certificate page carefully before applying.

Online applications

Apply Online

To apply online you need:

  • A suitable colour photograph. This means a photo that:
    • Is in a JPEG (.jpg) format and does not exceed 180 kilobytes (45mm high x 35 mm wide).
    • Shows a full front view of your face, head, and shoulders, with your head filling most of the photograph.
    • Has a plain, light-coloured background (not white or dark), with no background shadow.
  • Your number from the old scheme (on your old card), if you were licensed or certified before.
  • A Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card. No other card type will be accepted.
  • Evidence you have undertaken the relevant training and competency requirements.

Application for:


Company Licence and Company Officer $616
Individual Licence $510
Certificate of Approval $170
Certificate of Approval with temporary certificate $187

Please note:

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Paper applications


Application for:



Company Licence and Company Officer


Company Licence Form (PDF, 596KB)
Company Officer Form (PDF, 534KB)
Individual Licence $600 Individual Licence Form (PDF, 575KB)
Certificate of Approval $200 Certificate of Approval Form (PDF, 572KB)
Certificate of Approval with temporary certificate $220 Certificate of Approval Form (PDF, 752KB)
Certificate of Approval under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997
TTMR Certificate of Approval Form (PDF, 490KB)
Individual Licence under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997
TTMR lndividual Licence Form (PDF, 490KB)
Please note:
  • Application fees are non-refundable.
  • Paper applications will take longer to process than online applications.
  • You must pay the application fee by cheque for paper applications.

What happens if you need to make an emergency appointment?

Staff illness or an emergency (a real emergency) could mean that you don’t have enough certified staff to carry on your business. If this is the case, you can notify the Authority and make an emergency appointment. You may do this in situations where you can’t wait 10 days for a temporary certificate to be processed.

If there is no emergency or staff illness then your employee can apply for a temporary certificate with their application and must wait.

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Applications are not eligible for emergency appointments.

Conditions for making an emergency appointment

You can make an emergency appointment if:

  • You have a real need to engage someone because of illness or emergency, and you don’t have enough certified staff; and
  • The person you’re employing has applied for a certificate and paid the fee; and
  • You are satisfied that:
    • No grounds of disqualification apply to the employee; and
    • The employee is not currently charged with an offence that would be grounds for disqualification if they were convicted; and
    • To the best of your knowledge, the information supplied in the employee's application is correct.
  • You notify the Authority before making the emergency appointment; and
  • The person has not been employed on an emergency appointment for more than two weeks in the past (unless the Authority has approved the appointment before you make it).

You must immediately stop a person from undertaking work if the Authority instructs you to.

How do I make an emergency appointment?

You must email the Authority the emergency appointment form before the appointment starts.

Emergency Appointment Form (PDF, 520KB)

If you need to extend an emergency appointment, you must apply to the Authority. You might need to do this if the temporary certificate has not been received and the emergency situation still applies. You can do this by completing the emergency appointment form above.

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Can I withdraw an application?

You can withdraw your application at any time using the withdrawal form. The fee will not be refunded if you withdraw your application

Withdraw an Application Form (PDF, 502KB)

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Can I get a refund of my application fee?

If your application to the Authority is unsuccessful, or you make a mistake and have to reapply, the application fee will not be refunded to you.  This is because the application fee reflects the cost of processing the application and making a decision.

In certain other (very limited) circumstances we may consider providing a refund.  You should contact us for more information.

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