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General enquiries

Ministry of Justice
19 Aitken Street
DX SX10088 (What is this?)


Phone (international): +64-4-918 8800
Phone (national): 04-918 8800
Fax: +64-4-918 8820

High courts, district courts and Court of Appeal

Find your local court.

Family courts

Family courts are located within district courts. View address and contact details for all family courts throughout New Zealand.

Tribunals, authorities and committees

View address and contact details for all the various tribunals, authorities and committees.

For general enquiries, please contact:

Tribunals Unit
86 Customhouse Quay, Level 1
Private Bag 32001, Panama Street, Wellington 6146


Phone: 04-462 6660
Fax: 04-462 6686

The Waitangi Tribunal

Fujitsu Tower
141 The Terrace
SX11237 (What is this?)

Phone: (04) 914 3000
Fax: (04) 914 3001

Maori Land Court

Maori Land Court services are available through registry offices, information office and national office.

Media enquiries

The Ministry of Justice has several contacts for media enquiries covering different areas of the Ministry.