Our Customer Charter

The Ministry of Justice’s purpose is to deliver people-centred services to provide access to justice for all. How we do this includes the commitment of our people to provide great service to the public every day.

Our Customer Charter is a public declaration of this commitment. It is our statement explaining what our customers can expect when they interact with us – whether that be in person at one of our sites, by phone or email, or on our website. 

Customer charter

Print and accessible version: Customer Charter [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Our RISE values – respect, integrity, service and excellence – define how we treat each other within the Ministry, so it made sense to use these values to define how we treat our customers.

Te reo Māori pronunciation

Our Charter has also been provided in te reo Māori. If you would like to learn how to pronounce the te reo Māori in our Charter please listen to our audio translation:

Our Customer Charter in Te reo Māori [MP3, 1.9 MB]

Customer Charter video

The Ministry of Justice has more than 3000 people working in 120 locations around the country delivering justice services. Below is a link to a video from our people explaining what providing good customer service means to them.

Where to go for assistance

If you'd like to ask a question, give us feedback or make a non-judicial complaint, please contact us.

Please note that our people can't give legal advice. For legal advice, you should contact a lawyer or Community Law Centre.

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