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New Zealand Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal is New Zealand's intermediate appellate court and is located in Wellington, but also sits regularly in Auckland and Christchurch.

The Court of Appeal has been in existence since 1862 when it was made up of judges of the Supreme Court sitting periodically in panels. In 1957, the permanent Court of Appeal was established in Wellington with specifically appointed judges.

The President and eight other permanent appellate Judges constitute the full-time working membership of the Court.

The Court sits in panels of either five or three judges depending on the nature and wider significance of the particular case. In order to assist with the workload of the Court of Appeal, it also sits in divisions which consist of one Court of Appeal judge and two High Court judges dealing with routine appeals.

The Court deals with civil and criminal appeals from proceedings heard in the High Court, and indictable criminal proceedings in District Courts. Matters appealed to the High Court from a District Court and certain tribunals can be taken to the Court of Appeal with leave if a second appeal is warranted. The Court may also grant leave to hear appeals against pre-trial rulings in criminal cases, and appeals on questions of law from the Employment Court.


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