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We provide the following services:

Information and support

Separation and divorce: Get information on separation and dissolution of a marriage or civil union (divorce), find out about available help and support.

Legal help: Legal help, including legal aid, community law centres, and other sources of legal information and advice.

Domestic violence: Help for families affected by domestic violence, information about protection orders.Services photo

Support for victims: Help and information for people affected by crime.

For students and teachers: Learning resources about the court, criminal justice, and civil justice systems.

For service providers: Information for lawyers, interpreters and other service providers.

For legal professionals: Practice notes and guides; information resources and forms for duty lawyers and legal aid providers;information on the Bill of Rights and legislation, the legislation advisory committee and the judicial appointment process.

Jury service: About jury service; what to do if you've been summoned.

Court interpreters: What to do if you need an interpreter for an upcoming hearing.

Legal Services Commissioner: About the role and its functions.

Accessing records, wills and decisions

Criminal records: Get a copy of your criminal and traffic convictions, find out about the Clean State Act.

Wills: How to get a copy of a will through the High Court.

Judicial decisions online: Access judgements and decisions from the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and High Court.

Tenancy Tribunal online: A service for landlords and tenants allowing you to search the published orders of the Tenancy Tribunal.

Fines, reparation and civil debt

Pay your fines: Pay Your Fines LogoYou can pay outstanding fines and reparation online, over the phone, by post or in person.

Reparation: Learn more about how you can pay or receive court-ordered reparation.

Enforcing civil debt: Find information about how to make someone pay a debt the court has said they owe you or find out what the court can do if you don't pay your debts.


Private investigators and security guards licensing: How to apply, forms, guides, fees and more information.