Family violence and sexual violence helplines

  • It is OK to ask for help if you or someone else is in danger, or you think someone could be harmed or may harm themselves, call the Police on 111, even if you’re not sure.
  • The Government and the Police continue to take family violence and sexual violence very seriously. Violence is a crime at any time and including during this COVID-19 period.
  • Family violence and sexual violence services are essential services and will remain available, even if services need to be delivered in different ways.
  • It is important to look out for the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults.
  • Stay as connected as you can.Talk to friends, whānau and neighbours if you need support or to see if they need help. Use social media to keep in touch and check in with each other.
  • You can call the helplines below to find out how to help yourself or someone else.

Help lines

If you are a victim of family violence, sexual violence or there is someone that makes you fearful, threatens or harasses you, seek help as soon as possible. You have the right to be safe.

The following helplines available for people needing help:

For information on family violence and sexual violence:


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