This section explains our stewardship role across the regulatory systems we administer, including brief descriptions of our 52 regulatory systems.

Further information on our regulatory systems will be added soon, including key statutes, the government agencies and other organisations we work with in the system, and links to recent, current and planned reviews or improvements.

Over time, we plan to provide further information on our assessments of the fitness-for-purpose of our regulatory systems.

This section also includes links to Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) published by the Ministry of Justice. 

  • What is regulatory stewardship?

    Regulatory stewardship is the monitoring and care of regulatory systems for which an organisation has policy or operational responsibilities. Its goal is to ensure that regulatory systems remain fit for purpose over the long term.

  • Regulatory stewardship in the Ministry

    The Ministry is responsible for stewarding regulatory systems that set out some of our most important constitutional foundations.

  • Regulatory systems and areas

    We administer 154 pieces of legislation and have regulatory stewardship responsibilities for 52 regulatory systems.

  • Our approach to regulatory stewardship

    Our approach to regulatory stewardship is informed by the 'Government Expectations for Good Regulatory Practice' and the size and nature of our regulatory stock.

  • Regulatory Impact Assessments

    When there's a proposal to create, change or repeal legislation or regulations, the government agency responsible often has to provide Cabinet with a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA).