Legal Aid Tribunal

COVID-19 UPDATE Thursday, 22 September 2022

  1. While COVID-19 is in the community, the Tribunal will, as far as is reasonably possible, operate in its usual manner.
  2. In some cases, there may be changes to the way the Tribunal operates, including requiring that documents are emailed rather than posted or delivered.
  3. Parties affected by any change to the Tribunal’s usual operating procedures will be advised of those changes and provided with information to ensure that they understand how their matter will be handled by the Tribunal.
  4. This Protocol applies until revoked or modified by the Tribunal.
  5. The Tribunal’s Protocol dated 14 August 2020 is revoked.

C D Boys
22 September 2022

Legal Aid Tribunal reviews decisions the Legal Services Commissioner makes about who gets legal aid. The Review Authority reviews decisions the Secretary for Justice makes about who can be a legal aid provider.

Legal Aid Tribunal

The Legal Aid Tribunal reviews decisions the Legal Services Commissioner makes about legal aid grants.

The tribunal consists of a chairperson and members who deal with all reviews. All members are lawyers with a wide range of legal experience.

Before you apply to the tribunal, you must first ask the Commissioner to reconsider the original decision. 

You can find out more about this in the legal aid section

The Review Authority

The Review Authority reviews decisions made by the Secretary for Justice (the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Justice) about legal aid provider approvals.

If you’re an approved legal aid provider or if you’ve applied to be a legal aid provider, you can apply to the Authority to review a decision.

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