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The justice sector is made up of:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • New Zealand Police
  • Department of Corrections
  • Oranga Tamariki - Ministry for Children
  • Crown Law Office
  • Serious Fraud Office.

We work together to make New Zealand safer and to deliver accessible justice services and better outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Some of the major programmes the justice sector agencies are working together on include:

  • Christchurch Justice & Emergency Services Precinct - brings together all justice and emergency services in one purpose-built, leading edge precinct in central Christchurch.
  • Better outcomes for Māori - improving how our justice system operates for Māori, such as exploring partnerships with iwi/Māori to design and deliver interventions that better address the needs of Māori, and making better use of our data to understand where and how we can improve our services and build evidence about what works.
  • Reducing family violence - the new Family Violence Act provides a modern and enabling framework to effectively address family violence ; creating a dedicated body to lead the whole-of-government response to family and sexual violence; and other projects underway including piloting an integrated safety response model, which sees government and community services working together more closely to ensure families experiencing violence get the help they need.

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The criminal justice pipeline

Crime prevention > Administration of justice > Sentence management & rehab

We can think about the criminal justice system (Police, Justice/Courts and Corrections) as a "pipeline". The pipeline starts with Police preventing and dealing with crime, moves through to the Courts where offenders are prosecuted and sentenced, and ends with Corrections who manage prison and community sentences, and provide rehabilitation programmes. It means policies and approaches in one part of the system can impact on others. Joining up our approach allows us to identify these effects, and implement changes that have the best outcomes for everyone.

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The Justice Sector Leadership Board

To help us to work better together we have formed the Justice Sector Leadership Board. It includes:

  • Secretary for Justice (chair)
  • Commissioner, NZ Police
  • Chief Executive, Department of Corrections
  • Chief Executive, Oranga Tamariki
  • Chief Executive, Serious Fraud Office
  • Solicitor-General, Crown Law Office.

The Leadership Board is responsible for ensuring we achieve our collective goals. They coordinate major change programmes and oversee planning to improve services, reduce harm and the number of people in the criminal justice system, maintain institutions and manage investment. The Sector Directorate has been established to support the leadership board.

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The Proceeds of Crime Fund

What is the Proceeds of Crime Fund?

The Proceeds of Crime Fund converts bad money to good. It is available to 39 public and non-public service departments, as well as partnered organisations, to fund initiatives that:

  • expand alcohol and other drug treatment services
  • fight organised criminal groups dealing in methamphetamine and other drugs
  • address mental health in the criminal justice system, and
  • address crime-related harm and improve community wellbeing.

See this page for a more detailed view of the Proceeds of Crime Fund.

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