Note: Where possible communicate with the Authority by email using this address:

Parties are encouraged to send documents via email in the first instance, followed by hard copies as necessary, sent by courier or post. Please see COVID-19 Alert Level protocols below:

COVID-19 Level 1 protocol for Customs Appeal Authority [PDF, 68 KB]

COVID-19 Regional Alert protocols for Customs Appeal Authority [PDF, 74 KB]

The Customs Appeal Authority hears appeals against the decisions or directions of the New Zealand Customs Service. 

The Authority holds hearings throughout New Zealand.

  • About the Authority

    The Customs Appeal Authority is an independent judicial body that hears appeals against the decisions and directions of the New Zealand Customs Service.

  • Apply to the Customs Appeal Authority

    You need to appeal within 20 working days of the date you received the Customs decision or direction.

  • What happens next

    When we receive your Notice of Appeal form, we’ll check it to make sure it includes the required information then send a copy of it to Customs.

  • Decisions

    Search Customs Appeal Authority decisions online.

  • Contact

    Contact the Customs Appeal Authority.

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