Hearings that have been adjourned, will be rescheduled, with consideration given on a case by case basis for those matters that require priority or urgency. Where necessary, teleconferences will be established to progress matters in the interim. Matters will be assessed to determine if this can be convened remotely, using Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) or teleconference hearing. Face to face hearings will require access to hearing rooms of sufficient size to enable the requisite physical distancing.

Parties are encouraged to send documents via email in the first instance, followed by hard copies as necessary, sent by courier or post.

COVID-19 Level 2 protocol for Accident Compensation Appeals DC Registry [PDF, 273 KB]

The Accident Compensation Appeals District Court Registry hears appeals about decisions made under the Accident Compensation Act 2001. Appeals are heard by a District Court judge.

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Relevant legislation

Accident Compensation Act 2001(external link)

District Court Rules 2014(external link)


  1. This notice issues as a result of the announcement made by the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, that the country has moved to Level 3 of the COVID-19 Alert System and will move to Level 4 at midnight 25 March 2020.
  2. At Level 4 of the alert system, people are instructed to stay at home and travel is strictly limited.
  3. Accordingly, as a result of this announcement, all currently scheduled hearings in the Accident Compensation Appeals jurisdiction are adjourned while the country is at Level 4.
  4. Hearings will be rescheduled once we have ceased to be at Level 4.

Judge Denese Henare
24 March 2020

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