Criminal record check

  • What is a criminal record »

    Your criminal record covers criminal and traffic convictions but does not include charges that haven't gone to court yet, infringements and charges where you weren't convicted.

  • Get your own criminal record »

    How to check your criminal record (also known as your criminal conviction history).

  • Get someone else's criminal record »

    How you can check someone else’s criminal record (known as a third party criminal conviction history check).

  • Clean Slate scheme »

    Check if you're eligible for a clean slate and what this means for your criminal record (criminal conviction history).

  • Police clearances & vetting »

    What police clearance certificate (police record or file, penal or criminal check) is and what police vetting involves.

  • Contact us »

    Contact details for our criminal records team.

  • Wiping historical homosexual convictions »

    Men convicted of specific homosexual offences that used to be illegal will be able to apply to have the convictions disregarded from their criminal record, once a law change being considered by Parliament is passed.