We produce a range of information and statistics across a wide variety of activity within the justice sector.

  • Justice statistics

    Justice statistics: factsheets, data tables and analysis on justice related topics.
  • Find a publication

    Use the publication finder to search for a wide range of documents.

  • Court workload statistics(external link)

    Statistics on annual court and tribunal workloads (new business, disposals and active cases), and waiting times to trial/defended hearing.

  • Justice sector projections

    Projections relating to various justice sector issues, including prison population, community sentencing, Crown prosecutions/appeals and legal aid expenditure. 

  • New Zealand Crime & Victims Survey (NZCVS)

    Captures the underlying level of crime in New Zealand, delivers core crime and victimisation measures, and provides regular and timely crime and victimisation information for New Zealanders.

  • What works to reduce crime

    We want to invest where it will make the biggest difference, so we need to know what works to reduce crime. Evidence Briefs summarise the evidence about how well an investment reduces crime, how much is spent on it, and whether there is scope to increase the level of investment.

  • Family violence and sexual violence research

    Our research programme is improving the evidence-base on family violence and sexual violence so we understand the experience of court participants and what works to improve outcomes.

  • COVID-19 Justice Sector Survey

    Provides information about people's perception of safety and the criminal justice system, and how easy COVID-19 rules are to understand.

  • New Zealand Crime & Safety Survey (NZCASS)

    Measures how much crime occurs, who experiences it, how victims respond, and people's perceptions of crime and the criminal justice system.

  • Young Adult List Court Initiative

    The Young Adult List (YAL) is a judicially-led initiative being piloted in the Porirua District Court. 

Other sources of justice sector information

Email: justiceinfo@justice.govt.nz

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