Free safety services

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You’re able to get free and confidential safety services if:

  • you’re a victim of a charge related to family violence in a criminal court, or
  • you’ve applied for a Protection Order through the Family Court and are waiting for a decision.

Safety services are designed to help you deal with the effects of the violence, feel more confident and move forward with your life. They'll explain how to keep safe and provide practical information about how Protection Orders work.

The services are available by phone or face-to-face.

Courses to help children

There are also courses especially for children to help them understand the effects of any violence they've seen or experienced. 

How to get access to a course

If you’d like a course for you or your children, talk to your lawyer or to court staff. They'll make sure you get access to the course nearest you. There's no time limit on the availability of a safety course for a protected person (adult or child). The only requirement is that the Protection Order is still in force.