The Prime Minister has established a new Māori-Crown Relations portfolio. The creation of the portfolio shows the Crown’s commitment to a strong, ongoing and healthy relationship with Māori.

Finalising the scope of the portfolio

Thank you to everyone who attended a hui or sent us their thoughts about the new portfolio. You can read the final submissions summary here:

Final submissions summary report [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Cabinet has now made decisions on the final scope of the portfolio. You can read the Cabinet paper here:

Proposed final scope of the Māori-Crown Relations portfolio and a Māori-Crown Engagement Framework and Guidelines Cabinet paper [PDF, 11 MB]


What is Māori-Crown Relations?

It’s a simple way of talking about the multiple relationships where different parts of the government engage with Māori (as whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori organisations or other interest/sector groups) on a broad range of issues important to Māori.

The Government’s intent for the Māori-Crown relationship is to work more effectively with Māori on initiatives that will benefit Māori and the nation generally.

Why is it important?

The government is committed to improve results for Māori and to meet its obligations as a Treaty partner.

To do this, the Māori-Crown relationship must be strong and the Crown, Māori and all New Zealanders must agree on what should be done to achieve this.

Overall, the purpose of the Māori-Crown relations portfolio is to focus on the health of the Crown/Māori relationship now and over time. A healthy relationship will assist the Crown and Māori to:

  • Improve outcomes for Māori and the nation generally; and
  • help ensure the two parties meet their respective Treaty obligations.